About me

I am a self taught artist living in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and I have a passion for creating detailed wildlife images. My medium however, is a little unusual.


 I have developed my own technique in the medium of Fumage. This is a medium whereby an artist uses the smoke from a lit candle to deposit soot on canvas or paper and create images from the soot using various tools. As soon as I started using this medium, I instantly fell in love with it and believe I create beautiful and unique wildlife portraits. 

Fumage was popularised by surrealist artist Wolfgang Paalen in the 1930’s who used it in his painting to create hazy images suggestive of dreams or apparitions. 


There appear to be very few fumage practitioners at present, particularly in the UK.


My fumage technique enables me to create detailed images from the fragile smoke deposit using tools such as sponges and feathers for texture and form. I first make a light sketch of the image that I want to produce and add any light colour accents with pastel or liquid charcoal that I want to show through in the final picture. This gives me a basic structure to the picture and also an idea of where and in which general direction I want the smoke to move. I then hold the picture over a candle and gradually deposit the soot in small areas at a time.

The natural shades of the smoke and occasional scorch on the paper creates fabulous natural texture and depth. I tend to leave some areas of the picture untouched so that the natural smoke speaks for itself.


I am so genuinely excited to show case my unique painting style and would be thrilled if you would like to discuss a unique piece of work for your home or business.

Hare 72.jpg