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About me

I am a self taught artist living in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and I have a passion for creating detailed pictures in the medium of FUMAGE.


FUMAGE is a medium whereby an artist uses the SMOKE from a lit candle to deposit SOOT on canvas or paper to create images. It was popularised by surrealist artist Wolfgang Paalen in the 1930’s who used it in his painting to create hazy images suggestive of dreams or apparitions.


I have developed my own technique in this medium to enable me to create unique, detailed images by using various tools to etch into the fragile soot deposits. Each picture takes many hours of painstaking, delicate work and is an absolute labour of love.


​Taking inspiration from nature, drawing with charcoal and using feathers and sponges to create texture and form to the smoke deposits means I am able to add....


Take a look at the Work in Progress page to see the process ..

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